How car pool works??  


We request you to please register on website. Once registered, you will get activation mail. Click on that activation mail and update your profile.

2) SEARCH POOL: Once you update your profile, search for your required pool.

3) CREATE POOL: If you are not able to find your required pool, you can create your own pool with option of taking/giving lift of your choice.

4) JOIN POOL: If you are able to find exact pool, you can contact that person through E mail/ Phone and can join pool. You can also verify that person through Employee code.
This is quite possible that you people are not able to find required pool at this moment but if you all join hands and make pools, somebody will join you soon.

You can even Invite Friends through Invite Friends Option at www.poolmycar.in without writing their E mail id and send mail in your organization about www.poolmycar.in and ask all your friends to create/join pool at www.poolmycar.in so that more and more pools are available and help us in our mission of reducing pollution and traffic on roads.

If you still have any problem, you can reach us .
E mail: support@poolmycar.in

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