Benefits of carpooling  

If you're considering sharing the ride as a means of commuting, there are many benefits to be enjoyed.

Feeling Relaxed
In 100 years, we've gone from horse and buggy to over million cars on Indian roads. Increased road traffic affect everyone. One of the greatest benefits of sharing the car to work is taking the stress out of driving every day. Rather than beginning the day irritated from fighting traffic and searching endlessly for parking, you'll arrive ready to take on the task at hand.

Save Money!
As per our calculation, the average commuter drives 20,000 KM per year (385 Km Per week / 55 KM per day ). Now if he start pooling his car with 4 other members, he will be driving his car only once a week , hence , 4 days a month which gives saving of 26 days of driving ( 1430 KM ) On an average , a car runs for 10 KM per liter fuel hence , you will be saving 143 liter fuel which is equal to INR 7436. This calculation may not be 100% true for everyone as situations very person to person , but still carpool can dramatically reduce fuel costs and in some cases can eliminate the need for that costly second family vehicle.

Ensure a Healthy Environment for Future Generations
There is another, more tragic cost related to automobile use: degradation of our environment. Every day, millions of vehicles pump pollutants into our atmosphere. Some of this fall to earth, fouling streams and contaminating crops. Others rise into the stratosphere, damaging the ozone layer and causing global climate warming - the "greenhouse effect".

Still more of these pollutants close to earth, inhaled with every breath we take. Air pollution is a proven cause in several lung ailments, from asthma to emphysema.

Carpooling reduces the impact of automobiles on our roadways and our environment very simply - by travelling in groups rather than alone, Carpooling decreases the number of vehicles on our roads.

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